Saturday, November 8, 2008

amal islami...

2day, my classmates n i went 2 the Hospital Tuanku Jaafar to do sum charity work for our islamic studies assessment..

b4 betolak..

in the bus...

precious moments..

sronok dpt menyelami hati pesakit kanak2 kat situ..
n we gave them some souvenir..
from the project, i realized dat we should be grateful n thankful to Allah for giving us the health..
we spend our sweet n precious moments there..
cam wat CAS reflection la plak..huu~


here some more....

wif the staff...

whateva it is, i think that dis project should be held again in the future to give an explosure to the students to face the real life out there..
we should explore the world!!

but, what is most important like sister malathy said..

it is bout "the heart.."
not the value of our gifts..
but our luv, care n attention to the kids as a society..
also our willingness to do all these voluntary works..


alicia keys said...

go purple go~~
i love purple soooo much
thanz enna
sbb bg aku pinjam bju ko..hehe

it'sme said...

amal islami kita best!!
walopon agak simple, tp
KEMATANGAN dalam menjalankan kerja itu pntg..